7 reasons to quit your job without a new one to go to

7 reasons to quit your job without a new one to go to

Ever had an ‘I need to quit my job’ light bulb moment? The kind that comes from countless bad days, culture clashes or the simple realisation that your heart’s not in it anymore? It can be invigorating when you finally decide to quit. But job searching takes time. Finding ‘where next?’ doesn’t happen overnight. Should you suck it up and hang in there – or bite the bullet and walk away? Here’s 7 reasons to quit your job without another to go to.

Reason 1: You’re being mistreated

It goes without saying – if you’re being mistreated, get out now. It doesn’t matter if it’s verbal, physical, sexual or discriminatory – it’s just unacceptable. Depending on the degree (and if you can prove it), you may be able to receive unemployment compensation.

Reason 2: You’re avoiding work like the plague

If you dislike your job so much you’re calling in sick (or actually making yourself sick), it’s probably time to up and leave. Giving 40+ hours of your week to something that brings you no joy can affect your mental health too. So make sure your number one prerogative is to take care of yourself.

Reason 3: You’ve lost your mojo

If your job is quelling your mojo, get out before it’s gone for good. Your mojo thrives when you’re challenged and your skillset is put to good use. If you’re feeling thwarted, bored, indifferent, stagnant or you haven’t been promoted in a while (or ever), find the door.

Reason 4: There’s a culture clash

Culture is at the heart of every workplace. And if you cannot align your own values with the culture and leadership of the company you work for, it’s a clear sign to quit. This is even more paramount if your employer asks you to do things you’re not ethically comfortable with. Good workplace culture is inclusive, respectful and supportive.

Reason 5: You can temporarily make ends meet

If you’ve already decided to quit, and you have side projects that can tide you over, why not make the move? Could you consult? Go freelance? Help a friend with some side projects? Any income is better than none, so if you can pull together enough funds to pay your bills while you job hunt, quit your job and get those revenue streams going.

Reason 6: Headhunters are knocking at your door

Headhunters offering you jobs left, right and centre? Quit your job and jump into your job search full-time! There are many amazing opportunities out there, and stepping out in faith can often pay off – especially if you have recruiters you can reach out to.

Reason 7: You’re overworked and underpaid

No, it’s not the tagline of advertising. It’s a sign you should make a move. If you’re pulling big hours, feeling rundown and getting little reward in return, give your notice and start searching for somewhere that will value you.

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