About Us

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The creative media sector is going through a period of fundamental change and recruiting needs to reflect that – old ways of attracting talent or landing a perfect role simply don’t work anymore.

We’ve crafted a unique system that’s as creative and hands-on as the people it’s serving, and designed to deliver a perfect cultural fit which lasts the distance.

At Beckon, we believe the future belongs to progressive companies who offer a strong culture where people can thrive and deliver their best work.

Whether you’re on the client or candidate side of the fence, you’re going to need a trustworthy partner with the right background and experience, to go to market,  and connect on your behalf.

Check out how we do that for both clients and creative professionals, or read on for more about the values that guide us.

Our Values

Connecting creative professionals is more than just a job for us – it’s a passion that’s driven by a core set of values which guides everything we do.

We Refuse to Waste Time

We’ll invest all the time needed up front to make sure your time isn’t wasted down the line. We’re prepared to spend as long as it takes to truly understand you. Any recommendations we put forward will be carefully considered and well worth exploring – our testimonials prove it!

We Prioritise People and Partnerships

We’re not about plucking random names from databases to get a quick win. Our success is built on a real-world network of outstanding creative people and partners that we’ve built trusted relationships with over decades.

We’re for Long-term Happiness

We’re in this for the long haul. The right match is one that lasts for years, not just for quarters or campaigns. We’re committed to delivering happiness and placements that stand the test of time (we’ve kept score).

We Don’t Settle for Second Best

Hard work and high standards are the foundation of everything we do. Say goodbye to bloated databases and rushed placements: we keep a lean network of only the finest hand-selected talent. We don’t say yes to everyone, and that’s what makes us successful.

Who’s Behind Beckon?

Founder and Professional Beckoner, Justine (Fenyes) Murphy, is one of you. With over 15 years’ experience in recruitment and advertising, if she hasn’t done your exact job, she’s worked alongside or placed someone who has.

Growing up with two eccentric artists for parents, creativity was in Justine’s blood from the get go, and she’s pursued that passion throughout her career. As a former agency account manager,  she enjoyed six years working for some of the best design and advertising agencies in Sydney, and has deep connections throughout the industry.

Justine understands the challenges and requirements of creative agency life intimately, and has transformed her experience into a unique ability to connect top talent with the right opportunity. As the testimonials below show, she is playing a big part in making the future a bright one for creative professionals.

Who’s Behind Beckon? - Justine Fenyes

Justine is hands down the best recruiter I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. From the moment we first spoke she was professional, friendly and insightful. Respectful of both myself and my new agency, she was committed to ensuring that we were the right fit for each other. She did this by guiding me through the interview process, fielding my feedback, providing advice, perspective and support. I’d be happy to recommend Justine to anyone looking for a new role.

Carnelian Rose – Content Manager

Beckon’s way of working was original and refreshing to us. We hadn’t previously engaged anyone exclusively, to conduct pro-active headhunting. I was initially concerned about whether we could move quickly enough with quality candidates. I needn’t have worried – this is by far the best way we’ve worked in regards to staff recruitment.

Using Beckon’s experience and skills in engaging passive candidates, we were able to attract the type of talent we would have struggled to reach with a standard ad, particularly in the current competitive talent market.

I can highly recommend Beckon as an exclusive recruiter. The candidates they delivered were exceptional hires, and have been instrumental in driving our agency forward and strengthening our culture.

Andrew Hill, Business Director – The Mix Agency