FAQ’s for Clients

We hope the info below helps answer some common questions around finding your next recruitment partner. If anything is at all unclear, feel free to get in touch with us directly.
Why Is Beckon’s Approach Right for Us?

Our approach is specifically designed for creative professionals. Here’s why we’re such a great fit:

  • We’re boutique, and niche. We only work with innovative creative companies in Sydney, and with creative talent who are keen to be part of that world.
  • We’re small by choice and have an enormous stake in every search. The founder leads each senior search from inception to completion – no hand offs, no junior associates who are still learning the ropes.
  • We have a thorough and thoughtful approach to recruitment, offering two distinct search options which result in roles that stay filled and talent that brings more to the table than what’s in the job brief. Read more about Network Selection (Contingent) and Retained Search (Headhunting).
  • We have an expansive network and know how to leverage social media. Our network is vast and includes contacts, ex-peers, industry friends, and trusted sources of referrals across advertising, digital and marketing. The most innovative candidates may not be active job seekers, but they’re often active on social media – we know how to reach and engage them there.
What Do You Do to Ensure Cultural Fit?

We take the time to get to know your company, and ask the right questions to understand the role, your culture, and long term direction. We also take time in getting to know our talent intimately, and look at passions and interests to find a perfect fit for your values and culture.

These days, particularly for an company in growth mode, you can’t afford the lost time, money, and disruption to culture involved in getting it wrong.

At Beckon, we make sure the talent we send to you are totally aligned with you, and genuinely interested in your company before we submit their details – otherwise we won’t send them.

What If the Best Talent Already Has a Great Job?

The best people aren’t always actively in the market and we’re experts at engaging top passive talent.

With more than 15 years of combined creative agency and recruitment & search experience, we know how to get the right conversations happening with the right people, and are skilled in the art of seduction. As expert storytellers, we present your company in a way that sparks interest and creates the engagement needed to take candidates on a journey all the way to the hiring table.

What Candidate Replacement Guarantees Do You Offer?

Under Network Search we offer a 3-Month Guarantee. Under Retained Search, we offer a 6-Month Guarantee.

When and Why Would I Use Retained Search over Contingent?

Great Question! Read our blog piece on that very topic here.

How Important Is Reference Checking?

Reference checking is vital. We speak with at least two former bosses of the favoured candidate before submitting typed up reference checks to you.

How Do We Know When You’ve Successfully Completed the Search?

The search is complete when you’re satisfied with the final selection, the new candidate has started working, and a positive cycle of feedback begins.

How Do We Justify Our Fees?

Our fees are extremely competitive for the level of service and value involved. We work hard to understand the nuances, cultural fit, and X factor required for a long term match. We’re also proud of our track record in delivering successful candidates who make repeated positive contributions which earn an impressive ROI for our clients.

The Bottom Line

When you bring new creative leaders on board, you are defining the future of your company. You simply can’t afford to entrust that future to a cookie-cutter recruiting process where critical work is handed off to a lower-level associate who is still learning to do the job well.

Your recruitment partner needs to go out to bat for you and devote its full resources to finding someone who will make major contributions to your company for years to come. That’s exactly what you’re guaranteed to get with Beckon.