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Truly Bespoke Recruitment

The creative media sector is changing rapidly and top talent has never been harder to attract and keep. We’ve crafted a unique system that delivers exceptional candidates who stick around.

How We Work with Creative Agencies

As a creative company, the long-term success of your business rests on building and retaining the right team, but finding the perfect candidate is far from easy. We help you get hiring right – first time, every time.

The journey to the hiring table starts with a proper chat about your exact needs. Call us today to take the next step, or read on for more info on how we work.

In a candidate-driven market, with everyone chasing the same small pool of top creative talent, it’s far from easy turning the right heads in your direction. Remember, you’re not just going head-to-head with creative agencies. You’ve also got to persuade the best and brightest that they wouldn’t be better off joining a cool tech, social, or content company.

Stop Settling for Second Best in the Search for Creative Talent
How We Work with Independent Agencies

Stop Settling for Second Best in the Search for Creative Talent

Cookie-cutter recruitment doesn’t work in today’s competitive environment. There’s simply no point briefing multiple recruitment agencies on critical hires, only to be presented with obviously low quality candidates plucked from a generic database. Or, worse still, ending up with people who look great on paper, but are far from a perfect fit in the real world.

To connect with the right people, you need a committed partner on your side; someone who gives you their full attention, has an exceptional existing network of creative talent in place, and is as passionate about making the right match as you are. Congratulations, you’ve just found them!

The point of difference at Beckon is that we don’t see recruitment as a race or competition.

With the rapidly evolving landscape of creative media, it takes focus, research, skill and diligence to track down the best candidate and convince them you’re the right company to go with. By trusting us with your next hire, you get active advocacy on your behalf and the type of engaged, high-touch handling that’s necessary to seal the deal with truly top talent.

For this reason, we take a partnership approach and ask for mutual exclusivity in the period for which we are searching for your talent. This cuts out the noise of the competition, and allows us to focus fully on finding the perfect fit.

To ensure you get our undivided attention, we work on a maximum of five active roles at any time.

You’ve Got Three Options to Choose From:

1. Network Selection (Contingent) In this case, we tap into our existing network of agency contacts, creative professionals, and any other source that doesn’t involve direct headhunting. This is an excellent option when you want to move quickly and there’s a healthy pool of great talent on the market who are actively looking for roles.
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2. Retained Search (Headhunting) This is a performance-based option where you’re retaining us to conduct an extensive sweep to find the best candidate on the market. This is a great option when you have a very specific brief or a particularly challenging role to fill. In this instance, we’ll actively headhunt passive candidates and keep them focused on your role only, giving you the best possible chance of securing the perfect fit.
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3. Try Before You Buy (Freelance) Here you get to see the candidate in action in your agency as a freelancer before offering them a permanent role. This minimises risk and enables all sides to get to know each other in the context of real projects. Our placement fee will reflect the length of time a freelancer has already been working with you.

How Do I Know Which Option Is Right for Me?

Every role, every person, and every agency is different. Some roles will be a great fit for our existing network. Others will be more challenging and demand the pro-active, bespoke approach offered by headhunting. In your first meeting with us, we’ll take an in depth brief, and advise what we think is the best option for you.