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No time-wasting. No random shopping your CV around. Just carefully chosen connections with career and life-changing opportunities.

How We Work With Creative Candidates

Australia’s creative landscape offer incredible opportunities for talent, and nobody knows that marketplace better than Beckon. Talk to us today about how to make your next move the right one, or read on for more info on how we can help you find the perfect role.

Traditional creative recruitment agencies have literally hundreds of thousands of creative professionals on their books. Selection can feel like a seemingly random process, even for outstanding candidates.

At Beckon, we’ve drawn our net considerably tighter, and only represent the best.

If you’re looking to keep your entrepreneurship and passion flowing, we can help you take the next step with confidence.

You’ll Be Personally Selected and Carefully Placed
How We Work With Creative Candidates

You’ll Be Personally Selected and Carefully Placed

In stark contrast to the “flick and stick” shenanigans of other recruiters, we’ve crafted a system that’s truly bespoke and based on a close understanding of your personal needs. From finding a sustainable work-life balance to seeking a culture you can thrive in, we look beyond your credentials to ensure your values align strongly with the opportunities we represent you to.

You and Your Future Are in Safe Hands

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity. The best and brightest across the industry come to us because they know they can trust us. They know we won’t flick their resume out to every man and their dog. They know we have trusted partnerships with our clients and that their skills will be passionately showcased to the people who really matter. Long story short – they know they’re in safe hands and won’t waste the little time they have.

Our Process

If you’ve already wasted time and energy with cookie-cutter recruiters who see you as little more than bonus bait, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how we work. Our process is personal, bespoke, and stress-free. Here’s how we work:

1. Initial chat We have a brief introductory phone chat about your needs.
2. In-depth meeting The coffee's on us as we get to know you, and carefully review your CV and/or folio. We’ll go through your experience, skills, aspirations, and passions in detail, and give you as much advice and support as we possibly can.
3. Action If there’s a specific role that matches your talent straight away, we’ll move quickly to put you in the frame. If not, you’ll be kept updated as new opportunities arise.
4. Proactive Opportunity Creation We offer an option where we leverage our trusted relationships with our network to pro-actively create (as opposed to wait for) the perfect role.

We’ve already helped a huge number of creative professionals find their dream role. Read about their experiences working with us here.

A Final Note

We take candidate experience and trust incredibly seriously, and all conversations are in the strictest confidence. We will not pass on anything discussed with us to any company or third party without your permission first. And you won’t be left hanging – we’ll always get back to you, whether you’ve been successful or not! Check out a selection of our current opportunities in Sydney.